Mecsina Hemostopper™ Hemostatic Agent Included plant based extracts. (Included ; (glycyrrhiza glabra)extract, (alpinia officinarum) extract,(thymus serpyllum) extract,(syzygium aomaticum) extract , (hypericum perforatum)extract ,(vitis vinifera) extract , (urtica dioica) extract , (mentha arvensis)extract .  The action mechanism of haemostatic effect is issue mechanical barrier with protein network in plasma and serum in short time in endothelial injury. All the tests and in vitro clinical evaluations proved Mecsina Hemostopper™ is safety & High performance medical device for control bleeding in a few seconds.

In the case of use Mecsina Hemostopper ™, Red blood cells go in to the protein network and formed as rolls. This form of red blood cell gets 3 times more oxygen to the bleeding area. So that reason tissue treatment is very speedy.
The in-vitro clinical evaluation proved about wound healing & tissue treatment in early times.







MECSİNA Hemostopper Features :

  • %100 Herbal
  • Complies with international standards
  • Effective in Plasma and Serum.
  • Do not interact with any drugs.
  • There is no allergic reactions
  • Storage condition is present. Does not require to store cold or hot chain.
  • Easy to use. requires no special training .
  •  Overdose is not a problem in any way .


Application Area :

Mecsina hemostopper® regarding to %100 herbal & nature extract formulation applicable in each point of life (human & animal)

Generally usable in :

  • First aid Services,
  • Emergency Services,
  • Blooding problems,
  • Hospital & clinics,
  • Military Services,
  • Veterinary,
  • Sportive activities,
  • Dental Operations,
  • Police Departments,
  • Traffic inspection services,